Authentication Service

Narik Authentication Service helps you to do everything related to Authentication.

export abstract class AuthenticationService {
   * Current user value of authentication service
  readonly currentUserValue: ApplicationUser;

   * Current user of authentication service
   * An `Observable` that emit whenever currentUser changed.
  readonly currentUser: Observable<ApplicationUser>;

   * Logins authentication service
   * @param loginmodel Information needed for login
   * @returns login
  abstract login(loginmodel: LoginModel): Promise<LoginResult>;

   * Logouts authentication service
   * @returns logout
  abstract logout(): Promise<boolean>;

   * Refreshs authentication service
   * @returns refresh
  abstract refresh(): Promise<ApplicationUser>;

Currently Narik created NarikJwtAuthentication. a Authentication Service based on JWT. This service is in narik-jwt-authentication. To use it you should import it on your module.

      loginEndPoint: "api/account/Authenticate",
      logoutEndPoint: "api/account/Logout",
      refreshEndPoint: "api/account/Authenticate",
      tokenStorage: "localStorage",
      loginPageUrl: "/"

If you want, You can extend AuthenticationService and use your own AuthenticationService.

Authorization Service

Narik Authorization Service is under development.

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