To migrate from Narik V 2 to version 3 :

  1. update all dependencies' version

  2. change Narik dependencies from narik- format to @narik/ format.

    (All Narik Packages Moved to @narik scope.)

  3. In package.json file.

  4. In all source files ( import ... from "")

  5. In angular.json (styles)

  6. In extra-webpack.config.js

  7. In ts.config ('paths' section (if you have))

  8. add "aot":true to angular.json

  9. add @DynamicForm("") to GeneralListComponent and GeneralDetailComponent and all other dynamic forms.

You can see all the changes required in this changeset: https://github.com/NarikMe/narik-primeng-demo/commit/05bd327baa9bacb7ec4f0577a2b637e961c1590d

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